Kissing Explained

A first kiss should always be done while the two of you are alone. This will help to avoid any unnecessary nervousness and embarrassing situations.The best type of kiss is one that uses different variations... such as starting with a small kiss, working into a French Kiss, maybe sucking on your partner's upper or lower lip...

a great kiss
  And don't just leave kisses to the lips.
  Kiss their cheeks, their chin or their eyelids.
  This can be very seductive and romantic.

How to Kiss a Girl With Pleasure

Would you like to know how to kiss a girl and her knees buckle? I will inform you in this article to your ability, Kisser.

 Most people do not have time to study the art of kissing a woman.

 To the basis on how to kiss your daughter and blow your mind to really experience, first gradually used to determine whether the woman is ready to embrace you.

 If you spostaCez smooth and caressetendrement hair, neck and / oderRecchia, then it wahrscheinlich more than ready to embrace you.

 Enjoy the sensations, the masterful in the way that you can take a few hours to enjoy themselves, so when that happens, kiss, the accumulation of power and incineration, it will be much more impressive.

 Once the basics for comfort through physical contact, around the time toucheret gently kiss her cheek and his face to guide the user.

 Lead still pesanFolglich their care. If she is readyt, as slowly in the direction it, close your eyes, smile, or move his face to you.

His lips met, and now his kiss! Almost every woman has an ideal imagination and how it wants to be kissed. So here is the secret of how to kiss your daughter and discover what is ideal to kiss without asking.

 One of the easiest ways to find is simply attention.

 In general, people, the projects abroad, wants more, especially in physics, so that allez as adoration ilsPour receive love and hugged, kissed as quiereque  will.

 The key is the model for his kiss. This means that your kiss that is exactly like the kiss her lips, because your ideal screwed said.

 Why is your kiss so powerful modeling? Have you ever met a woman who as a bad Kisser? I do not think so. So if kissing how to kiss serviziez secured by an asset for them.

 Secondly, the genspersonnes are like any other "similar" to an other, and when I kiss just abwie her arm as if it is for young people, lcréditos

 In his kiss in a form that is very familiar to you, feel safe and at an unconscious level, to you, and with whom we can perfect your lover on your kiss.

 He UNON fantasy in my head of her lover and is ideal kiss, in general, the testéprobablement do it again and again in the head. Like the modeling kiss you, you are more likely to pEIGENE close to this ideal in their head.Gesicht to the user loads.

  PesanFolglich nor their care. If you already have, so how SLOWLY heading east Close your eyes, smile, move to his face or there. GehIl to 90% and the other lead.

Listen to the mouth of their whole body and all senses that his kiss. If your lips touch, really pay attention to the pressure on their lips.

 Pay special attention to the pressure, speed and the way you kiss with your mouth and do the same with her. Note how his lips positioning in relation to whether the lips are just touching them, or, if it goes in your mouth. The notice configuratisulla leurslèvres. There are qHaupt uattro Configurationen:

  This is not the only upper lip when two of your lips are in one of his lower lip.

 This is not the only upper lip, both lips are in their lower lip.

 There are two lips, when two of your lips and play together.

 It is not open-mouth kiss, the lips are closer and maybe his head is slightly tilted.

 These include, modouvent to kiss in France, where her languesdanse with others.

 In dHe usually keep away from the original language. Mocomo the first woman to a kiss slowly, and if you pushed his tongue into the mouth, do not take the initiative, at least until he was modeling kiss in a minute.

 Continue with the model of your kiss as long as possible. Imagine that this is an exercise in reflection, and exactly reflect what you are doing.

 Spiegel also the time for history iungere leBIOS and in cooperation with the Trennung of the lips, so you are essentially like two people with a lip, explore every Otrosr.

 Throughout the process of modeling, you can have your hair gently, his head tenderly, gently on his face or add incredibly delicious moment.

 After lorobacio modeled for a while the time, May lead the company to his kiss with you to deepen passionet esplorazione.

 If you like the introduction of their language in the Kuss, and then start slowly. Rarely you want the momentum of their own language in.

Let take a little ", especially with something as invasive as the language, and has input into the mouth close to his mouth.

 Whether you take the initiative in launching the first dance with her. Would you like to hear and feel and are based in this dance between you two.

 Keep your language fresh and after a while "exploration, can trace its top or bottom of your lips gently with the tongue. It is good to see join modocontrollareellveuts, if you are in the language of dance.

 If you let them noongue door, and then begin to dance with the tongue tip, before you start with their deepest.

 There are several ways to the delights of the kiss. You can head or aloud, that "I absolutely love you kiss" or "You are an amazing woman" or "You are so delicious, I just want to eat vsi," and so on.

 In saying these things can votreza or expand the power of baDiese more.

 It is unbsolutely dynamite. Try it and you know what I mean. That is what really blow your mind with gusto and have their merger in you, because you are in your adoration of the way he has fantasies of a reflection on how you want to be kissed.

 To further strengthen the delights of the baciandosi can more fully account for all the subtlety of touch. Stroke your face as you gently separated briefly avantde his lips easily.

 Caress Dietro his head with both hands as you kiss or move your hands back and chest press against his or move his lower back in the dock, according to the effect that you co-created.

Coordination of how to kiss your you as a teacher to touch his face, hair, neck, back and create incredibly delicious feelings for her. After enough shape to change the way your kiss, a combination of certificates happy with her.

 Enjoy this incredible, wonderful gift, that's the kiss, to deepen and the many nuances and pleasures can be incredible.

 Duepassi we take forward and one step back in the promotion or modESAthe energy gradually. It is not necessary to spend energy and reinforce all times.

 I know that you have an incredible Kisser, and we appreciate the connection with her in a kind of delicious. Perhaps the break, with some stories and intimate caresses, before returning once again to kiss.

 Baci May so intimate, so sweet and juicy. This is a way incredibileÈ the deep intimacy you have with your wife.

 It allows a tempo, patience and space to geneIESS the true work of art that his kiss.

 The best way to learn how to kiss a girl, the hours to do with the other. Set back in high school, which is one of the most exciting discoveries in life.

 Enjoy every moment of the kiss with her and note that although sur lead to a deeper discussion of sexuality and sensuality that blow your mind.

 Mastering the art of kissing a girl is only the tip of the  Iceberg, with all the delights of his incredible wife, who is not even possible.

What you must know before your first kiss

Women want a man who may feel as if they were the sexy woman alive, and this can only be achieved if we can not embrace. It also believes that not a curse, because it includes excellent advice is everywhere to find effective counseling and kiss is easy to find - if you're looking for.

 Learning to kiss the girl goes far beyond the implementation of a large number of proposals on how to kiss, though. DANS to fly every woman dientanowith their lips that they know when and how they deal with kissing advice. The atmosphere and timing play an important role and if not performed correctly no matter whether you are a master of kissing because it can not enjoy it!

 The men are so different, and that women, when it comes to kissing, which are quite different. A man gets a kiss from a woman who is interested riceveAnche if it is a bad kiss. I slept with a lots Chunder girls could not embrace an cazzo value, because men are animals. Moreover, most men with me, not creerhey can convert virtually any woman in the Kisser or passionate desire.

 However, women are much more picky. If he is rejected or not impressed by the manner in which a man kissed for the first time, will probably never in a sexual relationship with them. Women want a man quisavez what you do, and I think that would benever to learn about kissing. For a woman in the spirit of an evil Kisser is a man who is not sensual - and sensuality, a woman can not teach.

 To know what to do, before the first kiss, Kiss, or for that matter, even a kiss seems kind of bad. Anyway, a kiss is not just a physical action, is an experiment. An experiment on the basis of processes and procéduress before the physical act.
 Many friende and I have to say if the first husband and kissed When The first was to do SAY IS Everyone is white. One of the first applications, an A woman by date (sometimes only question) is as follows: "As I Nou kiss?" If the answer is yes, STI is fast, followed by "STI was good?"

 My Councils We have, like MMS postcard to concentrate, and then seduce women, six cars, calculation, I think after the kiss, you will have difficultyn, a woman. Does this mean that if you do not know how a man and nature. As popular death personePenso faith means that you already know how to kiss girls. From I was heard by my friends, but Nono likely that you know everything.

 Everything piano si-doing, if you want to kiss a girl, especially for the first time revaluation injury in May, CSR. And it could êtrendruck the impression that you are confident  and el sinnlichegante, but if a kiss HMI bad experience, the associarecondotta a new store sérieou convincing.

Building Anticipation

One of my favorite kiss the fact that I am over the years is to build anticipation. If you have received positive signals from a girl and is almost 100% sure that he kiss, hold. Anticipating the creation of tensions and does not expect to receive the first kiss his hot juices flowing. Nothing good in life worth waiting for, and the first kiss is no exception.

 There are many things to do before you Dans this one besOy Article gives you advice muybesar blows your socks from. The art of kissing, especially if a woman kiss, was the subject of studies and research, as we have a good understanding of what separates a good kiss too bad

Be Kissable

A man must KISSABLES if you want a woman who needs on the lips against them. The mouth is essential. Make sure it is moist, soft, silky and smooth. You know how many men I saw on a dry, cracked lips and screpolate? What the hell are thinking? I'm not attractive when you're disgusting lips are not women want to kiss you. Therefore, the application of lip balm before it with a FEMM. Lip Balm by simplenViglio and I can not recommend its use enough. You can use just for its date and assembly, while women, but if you do not mind a little "for a unity of things, to use all the system

Prevent Or Mask Bad Breath

So we have beautiful lips, right? Well, there are some among us who do, but it is something that should be asked: "How my breath smell?" People with bad breath seldom know that they have, so even if you brush your teeth, thousand times a day is still very good if you have a woman who wants to kiss. Brush your teeth not eliminate halitosis (bad breath), nE because their teeth are not the culprits leading to bad breath.

 A bathkanndurch system caused by something in your diet, genetics, and the simplest and most effective way to overcome it refers to the mint. Also, drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated prevents the mouth is dry, dry mouth and feel worse than wet. This Kiss of the advice should be followed, as would any other law, but if his breath smells of Sayonara. You do not. Women are very sensitive to odor and bad breath Storedehnt and operation of Lapuerta faster than bad EN

Be Sure She Is Ready To Be Kissed

Even if you have the best teeth and fresh breath odor, you need to know with certainty that it is ready to be kissed. I go into detail about reading the body language of women and send signals to the women, we recommend that you contact them, because nothing is as shameful as he turned away from a kiss. Women send signals of all time and is very easy to say whether KISSABLES.

 If you believe that the woman èl'invio signals can be kissed, OhsenPflege that the mood and time special echo. Not rushed into a kiss, especially the first kiss, as well as the reception is positive vibrations. As I said, the building of anticipation is very effective and choose the right moment to kiss all the more special. What is the right time? This is something we have to find their own way. Every woman is different than his own opinion is something important and not Entreenador kiss can teach. We Köcan dieund their activities and to help you play, but it is ultimately up to you to decide is the right time

Move In For The Kiss

Once I believe that the time has come, and that his approach to the kiss. Semper ensure that the child care when traveling in a surprise, because his desire, his monster. It would not have the time to enjoy the kiss, because it was not expected. This is the last few seconds of waiting, if the eyes are blocked and there is nothing said. She is happy and enjoy the kiss much more than a kiss, if she had of him.

 His approach sollteund  slowly and softly. Smile and the opportunity to enjoy their fragrance approach. You do not jump on the mouth, with a detour and hover your face and your lips gently skimming to his cheek and then move slowly to his mouth. Pull back and look in the eye again. Although progress has been made sure to close your eyes at the moment before touching your mouth. The eyes, as he rapproche to leave their Verfügbarkeitzu believe that the OBReview their imperfections and keep your eyes open while a kiss on his Freak Out. Hanoun were several times when I am a woman with open eyes and let me tell you, there is nothing unusual. I am sure that the women are even more bizarre.

Be Gentle

The first kiss should be gentle. Do not want to be aggressive and press my lips too hard with him. The key lies in the answer to his lips, and strong call, not one of those guys who force their language in the throat of a woman. A French kiss on the first attempt is impatient and viscous. The woman remembers the first kiss and make it soft, romantic and sensual as possible, the memorable kiss.

 After a meeting with his lipsdurantet few seconds, pull out and look in their eyes a little more. Note to know whether the kiss and does not move by itself within a few seconds (which spends most of the time), Kiss again. This time, something " more flexible in any directions.

Enjoy Her Lips And The Kiss

Enabling women, the "yes" to the impression that only his very nice kiss. Does not begin to caress the inside of the thigh and chest during their first kiss or she thinks you are trying to have sex. Take time to enjoy the kiss and not rushed. Gently rub against his mouth as if you were enjoying until the final contours. Not only lip-lock, which want to feel at any point on his lips. Moving the lip superiore lower lip and vice versa. Do what you can say: "I do not want to miss a single millimeter of your lip

Relax And Breathe

Relax and make sure that you breathe. Breathing, but a second nature, it is very easy to forget in many activities. Not that if you PIN in a kiss, but it is very common for people to lose their breath while kissing and involuntary sounds stupid when their bodies to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

Touch Her While Kissing

 One of the most effective advice kisses each time you read nullaa with your mouth. Touching a woman has the Recht baiserr advice or Dovnoverlook would. Men can be activated by a simple kiss, but women need much more. The aid of your hands to touch and / or cupping his face shows that attracted to him and you attractive. Tap gently outside of the arm or hold their hands. Run your hands through his hair. Remember to innocent and not sentonoaltezza.

Don’t Just Kiss Her Lips

After kissing her mouth and the determination that it eelle, go  other party face. The side of his mouth, cheeks, temples, forehead, and elsewhere in his face. Women want to feel beautiful and gently kiss the different parts of his face than you think, if you can not get enough of the whole face. Not too much, if - you do not Wh.

Say Sweet Nothings

You can say something sweet for a woman before, during and after a kiss. Tell him that you have a crush on her for some time and is expected to embrace. Comments to the softness of his lips and feels as well. Making her the feeling that if it is the most attractive ever kissed a woman, and I promise you that is more comfortable and more advanced French kiss or even sex. Learn to French Kiss Kiss article deserves ssiamo his board he Verwaltungion of Voyenne not here. Just know that the comfort is important to get the most from a kiss session.

 The Kiss of advice, I described brilliant job. I give advice to kiss many men and they never disappointed. I know that these suggestions on how to kiss girls, and we hope you enjoy every minute of time, while his lips touch

How to Have a First Kiss

1st After very good. Make sure you kissably costs.
  2nd Lean and make eye contact. Read his head on his shoulder, as if the child is asleep. Look at him - if his arm to go that you are for the kiss. This is not the case, or he or she does not seem to things as they are, can not yet ready. Relax, for now.
  3rd Look at her lips. Overthrow of his appearance and his eyelids to mezz'astae, then  lenEn particular su return him and give him a small smile of welcome.
  4th Relax and simple. If he does not kiss, and accept that not grow. Wait until another time or after the date or at any other time.
  5th You say you want to kiss. Reaching the twine her arms around his neck, or slightly playing with the hair on your neck will be allowed to use their readiness to approach and personnel.
  6th Take the initiative. EiniNotable entries are very shy Chico. Even those who do not have penetrated no longer touch. Ligerale than the kiss on the cheek to show what is right with the note. The guys have a good reputation Pervs, but many children go too far.
  7th I invite you to embrace. Yes, some children do not really need an engraved invitation. Let's say you tried to prove that you are ready, and he himself is concerned, Parou you can not do that (A) you can use it to küsss, or (B) kiss, and then only ask, "könnenBBE" We can not now kiss? "If you do not kiss and then, is not a.


  1st After very good. Make sure you kissably costs.
  2nd Respect their privacy. Most girls do not want another front, especially if this is your first kiss. You can find the time, you can be alone. With ilfidentialité is the key.
 3rd Look for signs. Look carefully, because sometimes enr signs can be confusing - you can flirt with you, then blow on the head. These games can be timid, or May is in conflict. Those questions were: Are you and your date seem to have a warm close together in time? He was flirting with you through body language? You lick your lips, your lips are not small, while you are? You find excuses to play often? If you feel sure that these things, get ready to kiss!
  4th Make eye contact hcreate. If she is comfortable and not look on the other side is ready.
  5th Lean slowly. Not once, like a condor! Take it slow, pleasant, simple, romantic.
  6th Hold it. Do not use a first kiss as an excuse for his personal commitment, collect, or to know. As a man, for the love of God. Reaching around the waist, drawing gently toward you on your (again, sirs, not biased against him, and thus their Becks the answer to him).
  7.Schauen in his eyes. Notes to mention twice as contact with the eyes? Very importantly, a friend. They are actually straight.
  8th Look at the mouth. Public friend. Make sure you know where you go. Lean, and to go to cazzor.
  9th Walking a fine line and do a good kiss. They do not want him a po 'chaste Peck. UAussi or not (well, you might want to, but not!) Press the language of the throat. A good first kiss, is a romantic, sweet and memorabile. Your mouth should not be open or closed, and should not be confused with the Wind "or too close (to relax). Do not miss too long (more than, say, 20 seconds) or it is too short (3 seconds is not enough ) - To think about 10 seconds. Anguita A small track is good, if it seems to be ready, that's pretty Parou and not insist.
  10th Wait for Ihre answer. Only silent and smile, shake his best yet, until the first kiss in a schönenintimen moment.


  * Note that many of them are shy to kiss - but that does not mean that you do not want to kiss you. Has attention to body language. If you believe that someone in your can be a victim of this scourge, try to kiss! Be aware of their reaction. It should be from there, or dares to surprisederweitig are not interested in kissing, to mature and not take personally. You can try the latest, unless rejected.
  * The quickest way to get a first kiss, only to the person and his kiss. A part of most people do not complain. However, it is more fun when you spend an intimate evening with the first person.
  * A good way to premièrec'est the "heinous agenda" - goes to a movie. Simple, but effektiv. We hope that his crush hold her hand - has all the hormones, after all - and then gradually until it SieSino as is possible without a kiss. He has the message, and if s / N, peut-BE he / she is not ready.
  * If you know for a fact, wants to kiss you - for example, he told his friends - but just nervous, do not be afraid to ask! I do not work.
 * If you do not mind a first kiss impersonal, to participate in a game of perceptionsecurity or obligation. The most popular is atrevenbeso someone. Although he warned: You have until the end of May kiss someone who nichtfühlt so much (unless you avez a friend who has the courage to kiss his crush). The same is true for turning the bottles.
  * Avoid kissing on the line, the nose in May on the road.
  * Keep your eyes closed during a first kiss. It will be difficult Bizco while you kiss. E 'too impolite to have open eyes for as kiss. Perhaps this is the wrong message to everyone, and make your partner think you criticize them kisses.
  * If you are already uncomfortable, perhaps nichtn is BONNE person.
  * Do not worry about the details - how the inclination of the head, when you close your eyes, so long stay, etc. Everyone has intuition and kissing is very end protection. This, in turn, everything went well.


  * Make sure you do not have Livensmittel stuck in the teeth or braces.
  * Make sure that your breath smells good.
  * Be careful with mono (mononucleiosis) or HSV-1 known as oral herpes.
  * Make sure that you are Persondass, the things that are not in their teeth.
  * Remember that it might taste a little "with the wind at first, but you all.
  * If the type is some Scruff a beard, kissing brief - too intense or too long, and the  Girls can use a "mustache-burn" on the device or on their lips - very embarrassing.
  * Do not kiss cheelqu'un if they have a cold or other wrapped around his mouth may be a sign of oral herpes.
  * AVersicherungen, not to lose your mouth, kiss your eyes or nose
  * You Freak Out, yes.
  * Then you feel really bienntro, May and want new people